Reports to the Chapter

Escape from Transitionism: What Serbia has Learned from Past Failures and Recommendations for the Future

The publishers wre the Serbian Association of Economists and the Faculty of Economics of the University of Belgrade in 2017 (in English). The author was Prof. Dragan Đuričin, Member of the Chapter.

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Radioactive Waste in Serbia: How and Where with It?

The publisher was the Chapter in 2017. The authors were Dr. Ilija Plećaš, Snežana Pavlović, Milan Rajčević, and Dr. Nebojša Nešković, former and current associates of the Vinča Institute for Nuclear Sciences, Belgrade. Dr. Plećaš and Dr. Nešković are Members of the Chapter.

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Seven members of the Chapter and Prof. Veljko Milutinović, from the Indiana University in Bloomington, USA, as a guest, wrote articles on the topic Serbia in 2021: From problems to solutions.

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Dragan Đuričin

Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade

The great reset of Serbia’s economy during and after the COVID 19 crisis

Divna Lalević Bosisio

Serbian Chapter of the Club of Rome

Complex of inferiority in Serbia in 2021: The problem and some possible solutions

Vera Milanković

Faculty of Music, University of Arts in Belgrade

The song was our salvation

Veljko Milutinović

Indiana University in Bloomington, USA

General methods for induction and augmentation of creativity among graduate students

Nebojša Nešković

Serbian Chapter of the Club of Rome

Cooperation of Serbia with big international scientific organizations

Luka Popović

Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade

The current state and future of the Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade

Nebojša Stefanović1, Ilija Plećaš2, Nataša Danilović Hristić1 and Nikola Krunić1

1Institute of Architecture and Urbanism of Serbia, Belgrade, and
2Public company “Nuclear facilities of Serbia”, Belgrade

Radioactive waste in Serbia: Spatial and planning aspects

Goran Trivan

Institute for Multidisciplinary Research, University of Belgrade

Defence of the environment  in Serbia