Club of Rome

The Club of Rome was founded in April 1968 in Rome, Italy, as an organization of independent pronounced individuals – scientists, business-persons, and politicians from around the world who shared a common concern for the future of humanity and our planet and were interested to make a difference in building a better world in a multidisciplinary, systemic, and holistic way. They particularly emphasized the problem of economic growth under the conditions of limited natural resources.

In its new program, the Club of Rome focuses on the main causes of the crisis of the currently dominant political and economic system as well as on defining the elements of a new paradigm, which should provide well-being for all people without destroying natural resources. The focal points of the program are: Emerging New Civilizations, Planetary Emergency, Reframing Economics, Rethinking Finance, and Youth Leadership & Intergenerational Dialogues.

The main publications of the Club of Rome are reports to the Club, which contain analyses made by its members. So far, 52 such reports have appeared.

The Club of Rome currently has 111 Full Members, 22 Associate Members, and 36 Honorary Members. It is led by two Co-Presidents, Mamphela Ramphele and Sandrine Dixson-Declève, and the Executive Committee, which has 12 members. The Club has 34 National Associations or Chapters, which promote debates and activities related to the agenda of the Club in their countries and regions.

Serbian Chapter

The Serbian Chapter of the Club of Rome was founded in July 2015 in Belgrade, Serbia, as an organization of independent pronounced individuals – scientists, artists, business-persons, and politicians. It is one of the 34 National Associations or Chapters of the Club. Its mission is to participate in solving the problems of sustainable growth and inclusive development of Serbia.

Bodies of the Chapter

The bodies of the Chapter are the Assembly and the Governing Board. The Members of the Assembly are all Members of the Chapter while the Members of the Governing Board are: